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Brunch and Crepe Truck at The Flying Joe


What's the word on the street? What pairs most nicely with high quality Joe?  BRUNCH - and what else? It's the return of The Flying Joe Lyle's Crepe Truck for a limited engagement - Sunday, June 9th and Sunday, June 16th from 8am-2pm PLUS every Sunday in July from 8am-3pm at The Flying Joe. Enjoy delicious, fresh, made-to-order crepes during Brunch (come early, these sell like hotcakes - pun intended!) and while you're devouring crepes, treat yourself to The Flying Joe Brunch specials!

Brunch at The Flying Joe is every weekend in June.  Crepes are only available June 9 & 16 and Sundays in July. Plan accordingly, and wear your stretchy pants.  If you go home hungry, that's on you!