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3 Ways to Style Chunky Knits

Less drab, more fab…

By Sara Antonuccio

What would fall be without the chunky knit? Nothing but rain, football, and the color orange, that’s what. But while it’s easy to wear knits with our good old standbys, skinny jeans and boots, sometimes we’re looking for something more fun. Here are three ways to make your chunky sweaters less drab, more fab:

1. Add a skirt - Pick a sweater, and you can find a skirt to style with it. Skater, pencil, even a-line and maxi - every combination can work, with the right accessories. Tights and ankle boots go well with skater skirts, and a belted sweater over a maxi is a match made in heaven.

Young woman wearing a black pleated midi skirt with a mustard yellow sweater 

2. Play with textures - A great way to stay away from boring blue jeans while remaining weather-appropriate. Mix up a soft sweater with pants made from a contrasting material, like leather. The juxtaposition of textures adds a little more interest to an outfit than a tried-and-true staple.

Young woman wearing a bright blue sweater paired with leather leggings

3. Layer it - When you’re looking for an easy way to make any outfit more exciting, always go for layers! Plain knits get a new lease on life when they’re paired with a colorful scarf and wool coat or a classy collared shirt that brings an eye-catching pattern into the mix.

Young woman wearing a yellow sweater layered under a blanket scarf with a burnt orange wool coat on top

It’s not so difficult to find new ways to style an old favorite! All you really need are a few good accessories, a touch of imagination, and a pumpkin spice latte to see you through the season - stylishly.