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At the Movies: February 1

"Miss Bala"…

Miss Bala

A young woman battles a ruthless drug cartel to save her kidnapped friend in Mexico. Starring Gina Rodriguez and Anthony Mackie.

PG-13. Thriller/Action. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke. 1h 44m.

What the Internet Says

“This by-the-book Hollywood remake of the 2011 Mexican art-house movie transforms a passive victim into a new kind of empowered action heroine.” ­– Variety

“The story of ‘Miss Bala’ is compelling and, thanks to Hardwicke's directing and Rodriguez's performance, it's easy to become invested in Gloria's tale, making for an entertaining time at the movies.” ­– Screen Rant

Our Take: Another compelling thriller to add to your movie list. Gina Rodriguez slays the screen as Miss Bala.