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At the Movies: June 14

“Men in Black: International”, “Shaft”, “The Dead Don’t Die”

Men in Black: International
The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization. 

PG-13. Action/Adventure. Directed by F. Gary Gray. 1h 55m.

What the Internet is Saying:
“Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are an incredible duo…” – Rolling Stone

Our Take: The most global threat to date and Liam Neeson? In the same movie? You won’t want to miss ‘Men in Black: International’.

Shaft is the next chapter in the film franchise featuring the coolest private eye on any New York City block. JJ, aka John Shaft Jr., may be a cyber security expert with a degree from MIT, but to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death, he needs an education only his dad can provide.  Absent throughout JJ’s youth, the legendary locked-and-loaded John Shaft (Jackson) agrees to help his progeny navigate Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly.  And while JJ’s own FBI analyst’s badge may clash with his dad’s trademark leather coat, there’s no denying family.  Besides, Shaft’s got an agenda of his own, and a score to settle that’s professional and personal.

R. Action/Crime. Directed by Tim Story. 1h 42m. 

What the Internet is Saying:
“Old-school swagger meets millennial wokeness in uneasy crime-comedy mix.” – The Wrap

Our Take: Shaft is like James Bond – but better.

Check out the trailer here

The Dead Don’t Die
In the sleepy small town of Centerville, something is not quite right. The moon hangs large and low in the sky, the hours of daylight are becoming unpredictable, and animals are beginning to exhibit unusual behaviors. News reports are scary, and scientists are concerned, but no one foresees the strangest and most dangerous repercussion that will soon start plaguing Centerville: the dead rise from their graves and feast on the living, and the citizens must battle to survive. 

R. Thriller/Zombies. Directed by Jim Jarmusch. 1h 43m.

What the Internet is Saying:

“’The Dead Don’t Die’ breathes a little life into a genre that has been beaten to death in recent years.” – Reel Views

Our Take: Wondering what to expect when the zombie apocalypse hits? Don’t miss Jarmusch’s newest flick.