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Beauty Trends for Spring

Refresh your beauty routine.

By Andrea Spanik

While you may be loyal to your favorite lipstick and foundation, beauty trends are constantly evolving. What was hot in the world of beauty one month can be on its way out the next, and that’s why we wanted to share with you all the biggest beauty trends that you’ll be seeing this spring. 

It’s time to update your beauty routine with these top beauty trends for spring:

Shine Bright with Glitter Shadows

Give your eyes the pop of glamour they deserve with glitter shadows. Yes, you read that correctly: glitter shadows are no longer just for teenagers. This spring, you can experiment with glitter shadows and still look right on trend – and totally age appropriate. If glitter shadows sound intimidating, remember, you can always opt for just a simple light dusting of sparkle across the lid rather than anything overly dramatic.

Fresh Skin

If a minimalist look is more your style, you’ll be happy to know that naked skin will be all the rage this spring – no heavy foundations or concealers in sight. Instead, opt for light foundations or BB creams, with a cream highlighter to really help bring the glow. In addition, don’t forget to care for your skin with a skincare routine. Serums, peels, masks, and plenty of moisture are all must-haves for the bright and glowing skin that everyone will be looking for this season.

Hair Accessories are In

We highly recommend investing in some trendy headbands. While hair accessories have been trending the past couple seasons, Spring 2019, in particular, is the season of headbands.  Whether it be just a subtle headband, or something bold and dramatic, adding a headband to any hairstyle will automatically give you a style edge. 

Bold Brows

If you take a look through all the various brow shapes and styles that we’ve seen throughout the decades, you’ll know that brows have gone through many changes. From bold and thick, to angular and thin, knowing what brow shapes are on trend is extremely important for achieving the go-to look of the season. And, for Spring 2019, you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that bold, thick brows are still going strong. Invest in a brow pencil, and complete the look with your glitter shadow, and dramatic lashes for eye makeup that stands out.

Chic Red Lips

Taking it to the lips, if you want an easy way to add a touch of drama to your makeup, it’s time to experiment with red lips. In particular, think of classic red lips. Rather than anything too dark or vampy, try a fresh red lip with slightly orange undertones for spring. 

Take care of your skin, experiment with bold makeup looks, pop on a headband, and voila! You’ve achieved a fresh springtime look that will be the envy of all your friends.

Which spring beauty trends will you be trying for yourself?