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Cold Weather Accessories for Kids

Oh so stylish…

By Andrea Spanik

As the cool weather settles in, are you looking to ensure your children are cozy, warm, and stylish? As a good parent, we know you are, and that’s why we want to share with you all the best cold weather accessories for kids. Get your hands on these top cold weather accessories, and you’ll be earning all the good parent points in no time.

Knitted Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

When it comes to children and outerwear, the first priority should always be about function. While style is something that we always consider, with children, first and foremost, we want to pick accessories that will keep the little one warm. After that, we look at style, which is why knit outerwear is one of our favorite staple outerwear pieces.

Knitted outwear is almost guaranteed to be warm, while also being stylish. Go for a hat with a cute pom-pom on the top, or get a knitted pair of gloves with bows for your little girl. And oh, your child’s outerwear collection isn’t complete without a knitted scarf. No doubt about it: you can’t go wrong with knitted outwear for children. 

Young girl playing the the snow with a puffer jacket, knit gloves, scarf and beanie

Waterproof Outerwear

Having said that, while we love knitted outwear for warmth and style, if you really want to consider function, we highly recommend picking up your child some waterproof outerwear, especially if you live in an area where snow is common. Waterproof outerwear will ensure that when your little one is out playing in the snow, they’ll stay warm and dry. In fact, picking up a full snowsuit is never a bad idea when you have snow on the horizon.

Young boy flying the the snow wearing a navy puffer jacket and hat

Cozy Boot Socks

If you live in a particularly cold climate, we highly recommend investing in a good pair of boot socks. While you’ll of course want to ensure you’ve picked up a pair of highly insulated boots, boot socks add an extra layer of protection. Not to mention, if you get a pair that’s extra long, they’ll be able to peek out from the top of the boot, which adds a little style edge.

Group of young kids wearing school uniforms and boot socks

Trendy Accessories

Speaking of style edge… If you’re someone who wants to ensure their child is the best dressed kid on the playground, we wanted to provide you with some outerwear trends that are guaranteed to give your kid all the style points. Give some of these outerwear trends a try on your little one: 1) plaid coats are all the rage for winter style. In particular, red and black buffalo checks are really making a splash, 2) we love anything knitted with a vintage feel about it, especially on a little one, 3) in terms of color, vibrant red is one of the top colour trends of the season, 4) and lastly, to really bring all the style to the table, add some faux fur into your child’s look. Not only is this ultra trendy, it’s also ultra warm. The best of both worlds, right?

Little girl in the snow with a pink headband with puffer ears and oink gloves

Young boys playing in the woods wearing coats, hats and gloves

Remember, when it comes to cold weather accessories, it’s all about nailing function first, and then style. Do that, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll have one very warm (stylish!) kid this winter.