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Fashion Forward Work Outfits

Bring the runway to the office.

By Sara Antonuccio

When did “office appropriate” become synonymous with boring? It’s time to un-dull your work wardrobe and take the boardroom by storm! Bring a little excitement back into your office outfits and look like the professional you are at the same time.

Structured Dresses
Shape is important when it comes to work-appropriate dresses. Frills and flowing fabrics are best left for your day off. Structured styles, such as sheath dresses, exude a professional air. The length should always go past mid thigh and colors should be kept neutral. Pair with heels or nice flats, and you have a simple outfit that shows you’re serious about your job, but not about to sacrifice style.

Classic Pencil Skirt+Blouse Combo
Every woman’s go-to work outfit should be the pencil skirt and blouse combination. There’s something very feminine yet professional about a pencil skirt, and there are so many different styles that you don’t have to feel limited. Some remain relatively straight from waist to knee, but many have varying levels of taper that offer different looks. Black and white are the “traditional” colors for the skirt/blouse combo, but don’t be afraid to shake things up in the name of fashion. A skirt in a solid color like pink paired with a white blouse is chic, as is a colorful or patterned blouse with a simple neutral skirt. The appropriate length for a pencil skirt is around knee-length, and your blouse should, at the very least, cover your shoulders. You can always add a light cardigan if you do wear a top with thin straps.

Trouser Pant Styling
It’s not just the men who get to wear trousers to work anymore. Tailored trouser pants with varying leg widths are comfortable and office-ready, yet they still allow you to feel feminine. The latest trends are shying away from trouser styles of the past, when a simple tapered leg ending around the ankle was the norm. Now, the opposite ends of the spectrum are in - extra-wide legs, and tightly tailored skinny legs. For wide leg trousers, wear a more tightly fitting blouse to keep your outfit from looking oversized. With skinny leg trousers, pick a blouse that fits a little more loosely. Both styles look great with a pointed toe heel.

Plain colors, unflattering cuts, and generic styles are a thing of the past. Break away from the norm and fill your work wardrobe with pieces to be proud of. No one said a professional can’t be fashionable, too!