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Four Chic Ways to Wear a Scarf

Tie it, wrap it, drape it…

By Sara Antonuccio

Besides shoes and jackets, what does every woman have a million of? Scarves! And while it’s easy to wear a scarf - toss it on over any outfit and you’re good to go - it’s always nice to mix things up. Try one of these four ways to style your scarf this season:

1. Wrapped around your neck, tucked into a trench coat - Put together the two staples of the season, the scarf and the trench. It’ll keep your neck warm and make you look good, too!

2. As a cardigan - Start with something large like a blanket scarf, drape it over your shoulders, and add a belt. Voila! Instant outfit.

3. Around your head - Head scarves are very popular! You can make it work with nearly any size scarf, but it’s easier to use something small. Fold it up and tie it like a headband, or go full turban. The possibilities are endless!

4. As a shawl or wrap - Shawls aren’t just for a certain age group. If you need something to throw over a dress, can’t find a coat, or just want something to wear around the house, wraps are a classy choice. This works best with blanket scarves, but even short and light scarves have their place.

Every scarf brings a new look! Mix patterns, match colors, and have fun! There’s no end to what you can create with a closet full of elegant accessories.

Young woman with blonde hair wearing a light grey sweater with a baby blue scarf wrapped around her neck