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Holiday Gifts for Him

Gift ideas he’ll love…

By Andrea Spanik

No doubt about it: shopping for men can be a challenge. Unless you have a man in your life with very specific tastes, oftentimes, men are so open and easy-going, it’s hard to know what the perfect gift is. If you’re finding yourself stuck in this sticky situation, we’re here to help out with these 5 holiday gifts for the men in your life. Trust us, your life is about to get a whole lot easier with these gift ideas. Let’s dive in!

Carefully Thought Out Clothing

Clothing as a gift idea might make you yawn, but hear us out on this one. While clothing is often seen as a last minute gift idea for when you don’t know what to buy, when you really think the piece out, it can be an excellent option. For example, if you have a man in your life who has a sports team he really loves, why not get him a jersey with his favorite player on it? Or maybe you have a man in your life who loves to work outdoors, but doesn’t have the proper outerwear to do so. Grab him a warm pair of work gloves, or even a new winter jacket specifically for work. He’s bound to appreciate the thought!

Man wearing a nice brown leather jacket

A New Watch

Maybe you know a man who doesn’t exactly take the time to treat himself? Now is the perfect time to spoil him a bit with a brand new watch. This is an especially great gift if you know he already has an impressive watch collection. And hey, if he’s not typically someone who wears a watch, you don’t have to go all out with a brand name, luxury watch. Spend a reasonable amount, and get him a “starter watch.” Who knows, maybe he’ll become a watch fanatic.

A man wearing a watch

Gym Accessories

While not every man loves going to the gym, there are plenty of gym accessories that you can get even those who aren’t gym fanatics. For example, fitness trackers are always a fun option, along with high-quality insulated water bottles. These are the types of gifts that anyone can appreciate. And, if he is a gym fanatic, add in some athletic wear, earbuds, weights, or even some new running shoes.

Man wearing work out clothes with running shoes, fitness tracker, and blue tooth headphones

A New Book

We love the idea of getting a new book for the men in your life, because, even if they’re not big on reading the typical novels, there are so many books out there on so many topics that there’s bound to be an option he’ll love. For example, maybe his favorite hockey player wrote an autobiography. Or maybe he loves to BBQ, and you found a cookbook of great summer BBQ recipes. Narrow in on his favorite hobbies, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll find the perfect book for him.

Older couple sitting on the couch read a book together

Really, when it comes to getting him the perfect gift, it all boils down to really narrowing in on how he spends his time and what he likes. Do that, and we’ve got a strong suspicion you’ll be putting a big smile on his face this holiday season.