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Holiday Wardrobe Lookbook

Celebrate the season in style…

By Sara Antonuccio

Get ready for stylish nights amongst colleagues, family, and friends with the perfect holiday wardrobe. If you’ve begun searching your closet in vain for the perfect outfit and have come up short, keep reading. We have the guide that will ensure you’re the fashionista of the party(s).

Go for the Classic Color Combos

There are a few key colors of the season, and incorporating them into your outfits will make your look truly party worthy. Red and green are, of course, popular Christmas colors. A two piece ensemble featuring a green blouse and red skirt (or vice versa) is a great way to show both colors in all their glory. And as long as you don’t go for the ugly sweaters, there’s almost zero chance you’ll resemble a Christmas tree should you choose to wear a dress displaying both colors.

Young woman lounging on a white couch in a green velvet dress with red heels

Another fabulous combination is silver and gold. While they do bring to mind a Christmas song of the same name, they’re better suited for the shimmer of New Years Eve get-togethers. If it looks like you’ve been rolling around in glitter, you’re doing it right.

Young woman wearing a silver and gold sequin mini dress throwing confetti

Play with Textures and Patterns

Seasonal patterns do not include snowmen, skiing penguins, or bears with Santa hats. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re really into. The patterns and textures that are appropriate for holiday gatherings, however, include red and green velvet (see the above section regarding color recommendations), metallics, plaids/tartan, sequins, and the cherry on top –sparkles. Sparkles and metallics are like sunshine glinting on snow, turning the world into glitter. And the more sequins you’re wearing on your New Years Eve outfit, and the more like a disco ball you look, the better. Have fun with your look! This time of the year only comes around….once a year.

Young woman wearing a silver sweater with large silver sequins

Don’t Forget Seasonal Accessories

Now, if you don’t like sparkly clothes, you still have festive options. Sparkly accessories, like gem laden necklaces or a glittery clutch, are a much more mild touch, but they still convey the spirit of the season. Bows also provide a little extra cheerfulness. Wear one in your hair, as a pair of earrings, or tied around your waist as part of your dress. You won’t feel complete without a little something to pull your look together!

Young woman wearing a gold dress with a matching gold clutch

Holiday parties just aren’t the same if you don’t dress for the occasion. Spread a little cheer this year by going all out - bring on the sequins, plaid dresses, hair bows, and all things festive! Happy Holidays!