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How to Perfect the Smokey Eye


By Andrea Spanik

Beauty trends come and go, but if there’s one trend that can always be pulled off, it is most definitely the smokey eye. While it might be a more dramatic look for everyday wear, if you’ve got a date night on the horizon, or you’re hoping to make a real statement at your next event, we highly recommend getting comfortable with the smokey eye.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect smokey eye:

1. Build Up to Your Desired Amount of Smokiness

While it’s easy enough to dip your brush into your darkest eyeshadow shade and pack on the color, we always recommend starting slow and building the amount of product. It’s much easier to add shadow than take it off once you’ve started applying. Work your way up to your perfect level of smokiness. You’ll likely feel much more confident with your smokey eye when you make an effort to do this

2. Don’t Forget to Brighten

While it might sound counterintuitive to add brightness to a smokey eye, trust us, if you only pack on all the dark colors, you’ll likely regret it. Add an inner corner highlight, line your waterline with a white pencil, or add some brightness to your brow bone with a highlighter. Just find some way to add brightness into your smokey eye look for the best results.

3. Consider Your Eye Shape

Believe it or not, not everyone will pull off a smokey eye in the same way. It’s important to consider your eye shape in order to get the best smokey eye look for you. For example, if your lids naturally turn downwards, adding some winged liner is a great option for lifting the corners of your eyes and making them look wider and brighter.

4. Experiment With Different Colors

When most people think of a smokey eye, they automatically think of black eyeshadow or deep purples, but the truth of the matter is that you can pull off a smokey eye with whatever eyeshadow shades you want. Pick your favorites, or specifically go with the shades that best compliment your eye color, just don’t be afraid to experiment. Generally, when you’re unafraid to try new things, that’s when you’ll have the best results.

So, are you ready to achieve a show-stopping smokey eye? Let’s do this!

Young woman with smokey eye makeup