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How to Rock the Animal Print Trend

Animal print takes over.

By Andrea Spanik

Have you noticed animal print is taking over? If not, keep your eyes open, and you’ll likely start to see it everywhere! Whether it be snakeskin, cheetah, tiger, or zebra, no animal print is off limits this season. And so, with that mind, if you’re looking to fit in with the fashion elite, we highly recommend implementing some of these tips. It’s time to rock animal print with total confidence.

Aim for a Pop
If you tend to be more cautious with your style choices, and you’re not so certain about animal print, we suggest starting out with a simple pop of the pattern. You don’t have to go for a fully patterned dress or bold pair of pants in order to rock this trend. Instead, simply throw on some animal print boots. Keep it even simpler with an animal print belt - or even just a small handbag will do. However you feel comfortable with your animal print is the way you should go. When it comes to style, it’s all about confidence.

Be Bold
On the other hand, maybe playing it safe isn’t exactly your style. Perhaps you like making a statement when you walk into a room. In this case, invest in pieces that really make use of this trendy pattern. A fully printed dress, or even a top and skirt set will look great in animal print. The bolder, the better.

Switch Up the Print
One of the most popular animal prints out there is probably cheetah print, but this year, all animal prints are on the table. Whether it be zebra, snakeskin, or even tiger stripes, no animal print is off limits. Experiment and get a little wild with your animal print. Trust us, in the end, it will pay off.

Wear Your Animal Print Like a Neutral
One of the best pieces of advice that we can give when it comes to rocking animal print is to wear it like it’s a neutral. So, in the same way that you love to pair everything with your favorite black skirt – pair everything with your animal print the exact same way. Yes, with animal print being such a big trend this season, it really goes with everything.

Try Mixing Prints
This piece of advice might seem a little unbelievable, but yes, this season you can absolutely mix your animal prints. In fact, it’s actually encouraged. Rock a cheetah print coat with your favorite pair of snakeskin booties. Or throw on a zebra print purse with your snakeskin skirt. Print mixing is in, and we’re not complaining.

When it comes to styling your animal prints, it all boils down to this: there really is no wrong way to wear animal prints this season, except not to wear them at all. They’re sassy, playful, and oh-so-trendy.

Get your hands on some animal prints ASAP, and you’ll quickly understand what all the hype is about.