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How to Style Your Favorite Blazer This Spring

Step out in comfortable style!

By Laura Leiva

Spring – it’s that time of year where it’s too warm to wear your chunky winter sweaters, but too cold to go all day in a t-shirt, so what’s one to do? Wear a blazer!

The perfect solution to your springtime conundrum, a blazer is something you can easily pair with the most causal look or even dress it up if you’ve got somewhere to be in the evening. Looking for new ways to style your favorite blazer this spring? Check out these 5 easy tips:

- Effortless style means wearing something comfortable but well matched, sort of like pairing denim jean shorts, white t-shirt and an oversized blazer for a chic and casual vibe.

- Throw on a blazer over a maxi dress! Layering a tailored blazer with something flowy and feminine gives off that polished look.

- Nothing says 70s-chic more than pairing a fitted blouse and blazer with wide-legged pants.

- Make a statement. Blazers don’t always have to be neutral or monochromatic. Add a pop of color or pattern to your wardrobe with an eye-catching blazer.

- When in doubt, go for that classic Parisian look. Pair a dark blazer with denim jeans and a striped blouse or tee for glam and sophisticated style.

A blazer is versatile and adds a perfect touch to any springtime wardrobe!