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How to Style a Turtleneck

5 different ways…

By Laura Leiva

The turtleneck – it’s an iconic top that seems to confuse most when it comes to styling. Need some tips on how to wear this comfortable shirt with the rest of your seasonal look? Here are five ways to style a turtleneck:

1. Layers – pair a turtleneck with a lightweight sweater or blazer for a classic, sophisticated look. Brighten up a neutral look by wearing a turtleneck in a vibrant color!

2. Wear it with anything – even a skirt! A soft knit turtleneck pairs exceptionally well with a skirt and denim jacket. For the office, tuck it in to an A-line skirt and pair it with heels.

3. Go for a classic look by pairing a black turtleneck with black tailored pants and heels or loafers. Add a colorful accessory and you’re good to go!

4. For an athletic look, pair a turtleneck with a puffy jacket and leggings – ideal for those outdoor workouts.

5. Complement a suit or pantsuit with a sleek turtleneck – a great look for special events or business meetings.

Ready to rock a turtleneck for the season? Use some of these tips for easy styling!