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How to Wear Ankle Booties

Show them off…

By Sara Antonuccio

What makes a cuter outfit than scarves, trench coats, and riding boots on a crisp fall day? Scarves, trench coats…and ankle booties! We love them because they’re mini versions of our favorite outfit element, but let’s face it - they’re not always easy to style. Yes, you can wear them with jeans all winter long, but that gets a little dull. Here are some new ways to make your booties steal the show:

1. Ankle Pants + Ankle Boots = Winning Combination - Display your booties in all their glory by giving them the room they need to shine! Ankle pants give you enough coverage to survive through the cold months, but stop at just the right height for shoes that are meant for showing off.

A pair of black ankle booties with gold studs around the ankle

2. Play up your accessories - and don’t be afraid of a high heel. Ankle boots, while stylish on their own, look even more chic when they’re paired with hats, scarves, and fun purses.

Woman wearing black ankle booties with cropped jeans and a tie waist lavender jacket

3. Color Coordinating

Sometimes simplicity is key. Keep your outfit down to two colors, using a neutral like black as the base. Then, add a few layers and accessories in a shade that matches your booties, and you’re done!

Woman wearing tan sock ankle booties

4. Make it match

One matching element can pull an entire outfit together. If your ankle boots have an embellishment like buckles, embroidered flowers, or laces, incorporate that into another piece of your outfit, such as a purse or jacket. In this example, the buckles on the shoes go nicely with the metal accents on the purse.

Woman wearing black ankle booties with matching black bag

With the right accessories, and a touch of coordination, any outfit is achievable. All you need is inspiration - and the right shoes!