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How to Wear Hats for Spring

Make a statement this spring.

By Andrea Spanik

As a new season approaches, that all-too-familiar need for a wardrobe update starts to settle in. With spring, generally, we crave pastel hues, lighter fabrics, white denim, and all things floral. However, this spring, we challenge you to try out a new spring trend: hats! Easy-to-wear, trendy, and useful on sunny days - give some of these top hat trends hats a try. Trust us, it’s one of the easiest ways to automatically (and easily!) add a style edge to your already on-point wardrobe.

The Sporty Baseball Cap

Let’s start off with a relatively standard hat, shall we? Yes, the baseball cap is in, and no longer is it reserved for your baseball-obsessed dad. These days, baseball caps have slowly become a fashion statement. Perfect for achieving that relaxed, athleisure style, whether you’re headed out to brunch, or you’re meeting with friends for some patio drinks, you can throw a baseball cap on for a quick boost to your style.

The Bucket Hat

While the baseball cap might seem like a walk-in-the-park to wear, you might be a little more hesitant with this spring hat trend. Going out of fashion in the ‘90s, the bucket hat has made a comeback in a major way. Try out a bucket hat in a standard neutral, or feel free to scoop up something in a more bold and exciting print, like tie-dye or floral.

Knit Hats

Knit hats for spring? You’re reading that correctly. Perfect for transitional spring days where there’s still a chill in the air, a trendy knit hat is the perfect accessory to keep you both warm and stylish. Go for a traditional, cozy knit hat when you’re really looking for warmth - or pick up something in a crochet design if style is your primary concern. Either way, this is a great spring hat trend to get in on early.

Wide Brim Hats

Out of this whole list, this is the hat trend that we think has the most chic and sophisticated feel to it. Paired with denim cutoffs, a wide brim hat can make a casual look feel more chic. In addition, you can also pair your wide brim hat with a midi-dress and booties for something that has a more boho, cool, and easy-going feel.

Straw Hats

And lastly, probably the most spring appropriate look on this list. If you take anything away from these tips, it’s that you should add a straw hat to your collection. Easily worn in both spring and summer, this hat trend has that European, classic, laid-back feel that we all know and love. Pair it with a gingham sundress for something feminine and fresh - or wear it with boyfriend jeans and a tee for something more relaxed. Either way, this is a spring hat trend that’s hard to go wrong with. 

So, ladies, which spring hat trends will you be incorporating into your wardrobe? While we know hats aren’t necessarily for everyone, we’ve got a strong suspicion that once you try one out, you’ll discover the style magic of a spring hat.