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How to Wear Pleats this Season

Time to get on trend…

By Andrea Spanik

Have you noticed that everyone around you seems to be rocking pleats? Well, there’s a good reason for why: this is one of the most popular trends we’re seeing in recent seasons. Feminine, visually interesting, and easy-to-incorporate into any wardrobe, it’s time to get on board and wear pleats yourself using these ideas.

1. Whether it be large traditional pleats, or a trendier option with a full pleated bottom, you will never fail with a pleated dress in your wardrobe.

2. Get some pleated pants in your wardrobe for a classic and sophisticated look.

3. You can also pick up a pleated skirt for those of you who prefer more feminine looks that you can mix-and-match with your tops.

4. Speaking of tops, we’re particularly fond of peplum tops that make use of pleats for the ultimate feminine look.

5. However, you can also scoop up a standard blouse that uses pleats. Perhaps it’s just a little front paneling that is pleated, but also keep your eyes open for shirts that are designed with pleats in the back. These tend to be real statement makers.

6. Also, don’t forget that you can always incorporate trends into areas beyond just standard apparel. In particular, we’re big fans of swimwear that makes use of pleating.

7. And lastly, if swimwear isn’t on your mind, and you’re looking for a way to wear pleats in the chilly months, keep your eyes open for a pleated coat.

Really, there’s no wrong way to wear pleats this season. Whether it’s just a subtle pleated detail added into a piece, or it’s a more dramatic, all-over pleated look, this is one of those trends that always looks great. Give it a try- yourself, and you’ll quickly see exactly what we mean.