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Interview Attire that will Impress

Look good and land the job…

By Sara Antonuccio

When you’re planning an outfit for an interview, do you immediately reach for a skirt or a dress? While there is nothing wrong with the classic pencil skirt+blazer combo, times are changing. Women’s fashion is more vast and varied than ever, and this spills into the professional realm. No matter what position you’re interviewing for, formal is the way to go, and these outfit ideas will help take you to the next level:

1. Women’s Suit

Go for the whole shebang. Tailored trousers, collared shirt, suit jacket - the works. If you need inspiration, do a quick search and you’ll find female celebrities galore who have rocked a suit and looked feminine doing it. The best way to add a touch of femininity is by wearing heels - a pointed toe looks best.

2. Button Up and Wide Leg Trousers

Stick with black, gray, or khaki trousers, but feel free to branch out as far as colors go with your shirt. White and black are professional, while blues and reds/pinks are a little more playful. Still, you want to show that you have personality! If your look is too muted, you may not stand out in their minds.

3. Skinny Trousers and a Blazer

This outfit is similar to the suit, but less formal and without a rigid structure. To give it a subtly suit-esque quality, ensure the colors of both the top and bottom pieces match. Navy and black are generally the easiest to work with. For a pop of interest, wear a brightly colored tank top, blouse, or button up underneath. Skinny trousers look great with heels as well as oxfords and loafers.

*Note - Don’t forget the bag! Your purse may not be your defining quality, but it can make or break an outfit. For professional attire, stick with a bag that has a defined shape (a.k.a no hobo bags), is in a neutral color, and most importantly is clean (inside and out).

Even if the best you ever dress at the company is during your interview, you’ll feel more confident and project a better impression if you show up looking like you belong there.