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Living Coral Lookbook

Pantone's pretty pick...

By Andrea Spanik

If you’re someone who likes to follow all the latest trends, it is absolutely paramount that you add a little coral into your life. But, oh no, not just into your wardrobe. Coral is making a splash in all areas of design! Specifically, it’s time to keep your eyes open for “Living Coral.” Dubbed the Color of The Year for 2019, this brilliant shade of coral is playful, lively, and the perfect pop of color. Use these tips for inspiration on how you can incorporate more coral into your life.


First things first, one of our favorite ways to incorporate more coral into your life is through fashion. Not only will coral automatically give your wardrobe a style edge, it’s also easily doable, no matter what your typical style preference. You can go bold with a dress, a sweater, and even pants can all be found in this brilliant shade. Having said that, though, if you’re not accustomed to wearing such a bright color, remember to keep your eyes open for clothing pieces that subtly incorporate coral. For example, maybe you can find a floral dress that has pops of coral, or perhaps there’s a blouse out there with a pretty coral hem. However you can incorporate more coral into your clothing, do it. Plain and simple.


But hey, maybe you’re someone who really loves coral, and you’d like to rock the shade more frequently. In this case, we highly recommend scooping up either a purse, a pair of shoes, or even a trendy pair of sunglasses in coral. While we wouldn’t suggest wearing the pieces everyday since it’s such a distinct color, we do think such a brilliant pop of color in a wardrobe can really add to a look.


And, of course, don’t forget about your activewear. With the rise of athleisure in recent months, there’s never been a better time to give your activewear some stylish flair. Scoop up a workout tank in coral, try out statement making coral leggings, or even rock some sneakers in coral. Trust us, with coral activewear in your life, the gym is about to become a much more trendy place thanks to you!


Having said all this, if you’re not so sure about wearing coral, but you’d still like to dip your toe into this color trend, we suggest experimenting with your beauty routine. In particular, coral lipstick and nail polishes can be real statement makers. You can even pick up a coral shade of blush for a fun way to experiment with coral.

Home Decor

And lastly, taking a step outside the world of fashion, let’s chat about coral in home decor. Yes, coral in home decor is gaining some major attention this year, and we’re all for it. Whether you simply throw a fun coral accent pillow onto a neutral couch, or you go bold with a coral accent wall or piece of furniture, this is a color trend that quickly and easily livens up any space in seconds.

So, how will you be incorporating more coral into your life this year? Remember: you don’t have to dress yourself in head-to-toe coral. It’s all about rocking the shade in a way that feels true to your own personal style and taste. Do that and you’re golden.