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Men’s Sweater Trends

How to wear them…

By Sara Antonuccio

Gone are the days when a sweater was just a sweater. Cable knit, cowl neck, fair isle, tartan - what does it all mean? We’ve parsed through the technicalities and have found out which styles are right for this year, and how to wear them.


Not just for suits anymore! Pinstripes on sweaters give you a casual version of the classic Ivy League look. Stick to muted shades like navy, grey, off-white, and deep maroon. Pair it with dark jeans or trousers to achieve a perfectly tailored look in one neat package - no suit required!

Young asian man wearing a blue sweater with black pinstripes and black jean

Check-Plaid Patterns

You might think of plaid as the traditional flannel look, but there are, in fact, several varieties of plaid with their own names and patterns - but we won’t get into them all here. The ones you need to know about this season are of the check-plaid variety; gingham, buffalo check, madras, and shepherd’s check. You don’t have to stick with muted colors, though. Bold is in, and reds in particular are showing up big time!

Young man on his phone wearing a black and red plaid sweater with black pants

Leather Accents

This trend gives you the perfect excuse to let out your inner bad boy - leather is living it big! Now don’t worry, you’re not obligated to sport a full leather sweater. What you will find is bits of leather added to knits for contrast. Think elbow patches, shoulder pads, trim, and sometimes even leather sleeves. It’s a little edgy, but also a touch futuristic. No one can say these sweaters are sissy!

Young man wearing a sweater with a leather jacket and scarf around his neck

Earth Tones

While bold goes for plaid patterns, the majority of what you will see are earth tones. Greens and browns are especially popular, and in a variety of shades. From a light, sandy brown to a deep, almost forest green shade, anything goes. You can even keep it in the (color) family by wearing multiple shades in the same outfit.

Young man wearing a an earthy brown crew neck sweater with matching brown jogger pants and white tennis shoes

Statement Makers

If there’s a particular slogan, logo, or bold design you’re a fan of, now is the time to wear it loud and proud! Statement sweaters - the ones that convey a message or display an image - are everywhere in fall/winter menswear. Start with the ski/alpine/lodge feel, and work your way up.

Young man wearing a statement sweater with matching pants

Sweaters steal the show in the fall and winter seasons. They’re easy to dress up or down, and no matter which style you choose, they can be paired easily with jeans or trousers and simple shoes. No need to tear your hair out - just follow our guide to stay in style.