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Patio Essentials for Summer

Get ready for the season.

By Andrea Spanik

With the weather warming, we’re all about spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Who’s with us?

If you’re raising that hand high in the air, today, we wanted to go over all the outdoor patio essentials that we think everyone should have on-hand for the upcoming season. Because hey, you never know when you might be hosting your next outdoor event!

Get ready for patio season with these seven outdoor patio essentials:

1) Comfortable Seating
First things first, if you’re just getting your patio set up for summer, don’t skip over comfortable seating.

Because sure, you can always go for basic plastic chairs here, but if you want to enjoy time outdoors this summer, invest in high quality patio furniture that’s comfortable and durable.

2) Don’t Forget About Pillows
Speaking of comfort, don’t forget to decorate your space with some outdoor pillows.

Not only will this spruce up the space with color and pattern, it’ll also provide some extra comfort to both you and your guests.

3) Easy to Care for Plants 
Add on an extra layer of style to your outdoor space with some lively plants.

Just be sure to pick up ones that don’t require a lot of maintenance, especially if you’re not known for your green thumb. Nothing will make your patio look worse than dead plants.

4) Plastic Cups + Drink Mixing Materials
There’s nothing worse than unexpected guests coming over to enjoy your patio, and you not being prepared.

Always be prepared with a well-stocked bar full of the ingredients for everyone’s favorite summer cocktails, like margaritas, sangria, and cold beer.

Bonus points if you have stylish plastic cups on hand to limit any fear of broken glass on your patio.

5) Outdoor Lighting 
And, if the evening goes into the night, make sure you have outdoor lighting ready, like string lights, candles, and lanterns.

6) Citronella Candles 
Speaking of candles... it’s also not a bad idea to stock up on some citronella candles.

These will add to the overall mood of your outdoor space. Plus, they smell much better than your traditional bug spray.

7) Outdoor Fire Pit
And lastly, who doesn’t love a good outdoor fire pit?

We know we do! Add one to your patio space, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll be spending many of your summer nights outdoors.

So, what patio essentials do you need to pick up?