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Simple Décor Updates to Transform Your Home

Small pieces go a long way.

By Leigh Williams

Looking to refresh your home while staying within your monthly budget? These five simple décor updates will transform your home in no time!

Rugs are a must. They can add color and pattern to a room without requiring an overwhelming amount of effort and can easily be switched out with the turn of the season or when your tastes change.

Plants and greenery (real or fake!) make everything feel more homey – even the smallest of spaces!

Add a throw or some pillows. These items are an easy way to bring in a pop of color and can easily be refreshed for the season. Plus, they’re fully functional. Win-win.

Bring in some functional storage – whether it’s a woven basket or a chest – I’m guessing we can all use some additional storage space in our homes! They’re perfect for hiding toys and linens and also can add some texture to your space.

Mirrors will make any small space instantly appear larger and can also help a room appear brighter, too. 

So which items will you be adding first? Even adding one of the items listed above will have your home feeling fresh ASAP!