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Spring Handbag Trends You Have to Try

Give your style a boost.

By Andrea Spanik

Are you the woman who is known for following the latest trends and making a statement with her wardrobe? If so, it’s time to get on board with the latest spring handbag trends. Bold, eye-popping, and easily wearable for spring, incorporate these handbag trends into your wardrobe for an instant dash of style.

Vintage Style

You know those purses that you used to play with in your grandmother’s closet? Well, this season, all those vintage styles are making a comeback. In particular, we’re seeing a major reemergence of the classic snap clasp bag. Usually done in some sort of leather, you can scoop up a mini snap clasp bag for a throw-it-on-and-go look, but there’s also plenty of larger styles coming out for you ladies who don’t travel lightly. 

The Micro-Duffle

Speaking of not traveling lightly, if this is you, we think you’re going to love the micro-duffle handbag trend. What looks like a miniature duffle bag, this trend has a sporty and athleisure-inspired vibe to it, but with plenty of color and pattern options so you can easily dress this look up or down.


On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a minimalist and you don’t require much when you’re out-and-about, this might be the trend for you. Spice up your lanyard with fringe, sparkles, or bold color - or keep it simple with something in a brown or black leather. While this might not be a traditional handbag style, if you really want to be known for your out-of-the-box styling, we highly recommend getting in on this trend ASAP. 

Miniature Clear Bags

Moving right along with the miniature trend, we’re also seeing plenty of women sporting small, clear bags. Yes, in 2019, we’re putting all of our belongings on display with clear bags that are completely see-through. Throw a glamorous lipstick in your bag, pack your trendiest wallet, and suddenly, even the belongings within your purse can be a fashion statement. 

Crochet Bags

Lastly, for all you ladies who might feel like these handbag trends are a little too bold and “out there,” we highly recommend trying out the crochet handbag trend. With a more boho and easy-going feel to it, crochet adds texture and style to your look, without having to be excessively trendy. Plus, if you like having a handbag with a lot of space, crochet handbags are often done in the tote style, which is another handbag trend we’re seeing this season. A two-in-one trend? Yes please.

And there you have it: all the biggest handbag trends that are expected to pop up this spring. Is there one that sticks out to you? Go with whatever trends speak best to your particular style preference, and we’re certain that you’ll get heads turning in your direction for your amazing sense of style.