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Spring’s Budding Styles: Shoes for the Season

Rain or shine…

By Sara Antonuccio

At some point, we all get tired of wearing three pairs of socks to keep our feet warm in the winter. Snow boots are only cute for so long, and around this time of year, we begin to stare longingly at our flip flops. Don’t despair! Spring is on the cusp of blooming, and a new rotation of shoes are preparing for their day in the sun. To prep for the new season, make sure you have these on hand: 

Rain Boots

The biting cold may be on its way out, but there’s a reason the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” exists. Few things are worse than getting caught in a downpour with nothing but a pair of flats or tennis shoes and spending the rest of the day with soaking toes! For the sake of being prepared (and also because rain boots are super cute) always have a pair of rain boots on hand. Vivid colors, fun patterns, and styles ranging from knee-high to booties turn dreary rainy days into vibrant fashion shows.

Running Sneakers

When it’s not raining, the sun is shining! Embrace the great outdoors once again, but make sure your feet are ready for more time spent rediscovering the city you live in, exploring the wilderness, or taking a simple stroll down the block. You’ll appreciate the extra support offered by running sneakers in these situations! “Running” errands counts as exercise, too…


That’s right, feel free to break out the sandals early this year! The fashion world has been dying to let those toes out of their cruel cage, and designers are releasing a wide assortment of styles so everyone has their chance to show off. If you’re a fan of strappy sandals with a bit of heel, or prefer flats with interlacing straps and a touch of bling, you’ll have no problem finding your perfect fit.

Booties with a Heel

Your favorite fall shoe has been upgraded for the spring season! In place of flat soles,  booties are being fitted with tall, skinny heels that are ready to be displayed with long skirts, skinny jeans, and leggings (or tights) under a floral dress. When the clouds roll away, stilettos come out to play. If towering above everyone isn’t your thing, kitten heels are a toned-down way to add spring sweetness and a little height to your outfits.

Spring is in the air, and these shoes should be in your closet. Stash away that cold weather gear for the next several months - it’s time for the sun to shine again! Which pair will you wear first?