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The Best Holiday Styles for Kids

Fun and festive looks…

By Andrea Spanik

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you might be starting to feel the pressure to start checking off all those items on your to-do list. Between decorating your home, buying gifts, and holiday baking, finding the time to get the little things done can be a real hassle, and that’s why we’re going to simplify your holiday shopping with this list of holiday style items you need for your child. Let’s shop!

A Colorful Plaid Dress

If there’s one holiday party look that never fails for a little girl, it is most definitely the plaid dress. Perfectly festive and so adorable on a little girl, we highly recommend plaid for some festive flair in her holiday outfit. And hey, if you have a girl who isn’t exactly inclined to wear dresses, even a holiday sweater with plaid detail will do. In addition, plaid bow ties are a great alternative for little boys.

Young girl wearing a red plaid dress sitting on the ground in front of the christmas tree

A Knit Sweater

For little boys, your best bet for a holiday look is always a knit sweater. Easy to style with a pair of colored corduroys, or even a pair of dress pants, a knit sweater has that casual winter feel about it, but can also be easily dressed up for more formal holiday events. Again, seek out those traditional holiday details.

Young boy wearing a festive knit sweater

A Holiday Headband

Want to keep it even simpler for a little girl? Scoop up a holiday headband. Maybe something with plaid? Or a bow will always add some festive flair. Our only suggestion? Stay away from headbands with flowers or bright colors. Instead, you should seek out headbands that have traditional festive elements, like velvet, red, metallic, and sparkles.

Little girl sitting on a chair in front of a christmas tree opening a present wearing a white dress and matching headband

A Holiday Sweater

If you’re not looking for any formal holiday wear, most children love overt holiday sweaters. Perhaps something with an embroidered snowman on it, or a top with a holiday greeting scrolled across the front. For little girls, you can also try out snowflake tights. You’ll win some major points with your child for these choices, that’s for sure.

Young boy wearing a christmas sweater with a reindeer and snowflakes on it

Red Never Fails

Whether for a little boy or for a little girl, you can’t fail when it comes to scooping up some red style items for the holiday season. Not only does it scream holiday fashion, it’s also one of the more popular color trends of the season. You shouldn’t have any problem finding red fashion items this season. Just be sure to seek out winter appropriate styles, like knits, velvet, and even sequins for any fancier holiday parties.

Young girl in the snow wearing a red scarf and beanie

Add a little magic into your child’s life with these fun, playful holiday styles. Which styles will you be scooping up?