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The Summer Shoes You Need

Comfortable and versatile.

By Leigh Williams

Whenever summer rolls around, I just feel the need to go shoe shopping. Happen to anyone else? I find myself “needing” a pair for each outfit – and “needing” every color of each pair. My biggest factors are comfort and versatility, so take it from me when I tell you that you need these styles for summer 2019:

- Slide sandals – This style is super versatile. These can be paired with a casual outfit for shopping or running errands – or if dressing up is more your thing, you can pop on a pair of slides to dress down a more polished look if the setting allows. My favorite way to wear this style is to finish off an athleisure look.

- Espadrille sandals – These are basically a summer staple. I prefer to choose a close-toe style to pair with my office attire. Cute but comfy.

- Mules – Another style I love to wear to the office. This style can be professional, but also allow your feet to breathe during hot summer months. Win-win!

- White sneakers – This style is basically a year-round staple for me, but I always get a fresh, new pair for summer! Usually the pair I wore during the spring months has gotten dirty, and I prefer a crisp, white pair for summer. These go perfectly with jeans, shorts, and even dresses and skirts.

- Platform sandals – For when you want to look cute in heels, but need to be comfortable! These styles are super cute and can easily be dressed up or down. Comfort? Check. Versatility? Double check.

So, which styles will you be picking up for summer? I wouldn’t steer you wrong, so feel free to pick up at least one of each style and look fresh all season long!