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Timeless Style Rules

Tips to live by.

By Leigh Williams

Looking to build a wardrobe that will be trendy year after year? You’re not alone. Ever get bored with your closet and feel you “have nothing to wear”? Have no fear, we’ve got a few tips that will help you build a wardrobe you’ll be excited about!

1. If you find an item you LOVE – the fit, the versatility whatever it may be that you absolutely adore about that item – buy it in every color. Don’t think, just do. No one will notice if you wear a white shirt on Monday and the same style shirt in blue on Thursday. Just go for it.

2. Choose your accessories carefully. Go for items that make a statement. Your purses should stand out (and your jewelry should as well). A great purse is one that can instantly make your outfit pop – just by carrying it. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the shape – but whatever feature makes your item unique, at the same time it will instantly up your style score.

3. Invest in fewer, quality items. Sure you could go buy hundreds of inexpensive items that may not fit great, but they’re good for one specific event (and then get lost in the back of your closet for years to come). But we suggest investing in the perfect items. The pants that are tailored perfectly for your shape. The handbag that causes you to cringe just looking at the price tag (but you know you’ll take great care of it because you’re invested!). The jacket that’s going to last you forever – not just this season. We promise it’s worth it!

These style rules are the rules we live by – and we wouldn’t steer you wrong now would we?!