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Transitional Dresses for Spring and Summer

Sun-season styles.

By Sara Antonuccio

Summer dress season is almost here! But why wait? There are plenty of styles that work just as well in the spring as they do in the summer. Keep these key design attributes in mind to find the perfect dress that’s ready to take you out of the rainy days of spring and into the sun-filled magic of summer:

Floral – You didn’t think we could talk about spring styles without mentioning florals, did you? It’s true that it’s a cliche, but florals are both spring and summer appropriate. Pink and blue flower designs capture the child-like happiness of spring while also reflecting the colors of nature. Purple and green give summer dresses a tropical feel in line with the spirit of the season. There’s no better way to represent the seasons than with their signature print!

Pastels - As mentioned, color matters. The best colors that will transition easily between spring and summer are pastel shades. Feminine pink fits just as well during the season of blooming as it does in the heat of July. Sky blue, lavender, and soft shades of yellow are bright enough to draw the eye, but subtle enough not to overpower the rest of your ensemble.

Breezy - A must when choosing dresses for spring and summer is to go for flowing, breezy styles. Both seasons are about letting go and being free to enjoy life, and your wardrobe should reflect that. Avoid tight fitting dresses and boxy designs that are too structured. Light, fluttering fabrics should be your spring/summer go-to. 

Knee to Ankle Length - Length is important for transitional styles. Too short, and you’ll freeze during the chillier days of spring. Too long and you’ll be boiling come summertime. The best transition dresses are between knee and ankle length, and the longer they get, the lighter the fabric they should use. Longer dresses also pair more easily with cardigans, jackets, and outer layers which are still essential in the months leading up to summer.

Stretch the season of dresses just a bit more by choosing the right styles. Smarter shopping means you get to enjoy your summer wardrobe longer. So get to it!