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Trending Colors for Summer

Ditch bold - it’s old.

By Sara Antonuccio

Summer is all about bold, bright colors that stand out and make an impact! Right? Well…not this year. The same old summer palette has undergone a modern makeover, and the new colors for the season of sun will have you rethinking your fiery reds and turquoise blues. While summer certainly marks the arrival of more variety and vibrancy in the natural world, there are many softer shades that deserve recognition: 

Dusty Rose
An elegant and lady-like shade that brings to mind blossoming rose bushes and sunsets on the beach, dusty rose is a soft pink that demands less attention but still captures it. Garden parties and outdoor weddings, staple summertime events, are the perfect settings to display this feminine shade in.

Beige is arguably the most under-appreciated color in fashion. It’s so versatile, it can fit in any season and on any article of clothing. Think of road trips down dusty highways and sand dunes on a wind-swept beach. Beige shorts, skirts, and dresses are all popular for summer, and each can be paired with accessories of nearly any color, though white is the most common.

Lemon Yellow
It’s hard to think about summer sunshine without conjuring up images of life in the Mediterranean. Gorgeous colors are abundant in this part of the world - Greece is famous for its white and blue buildings, and Italian pottery features intricate designs brought to life with stunning reds, greens, and yellow in particular. Areas on the coast of Italy are well-known for the thriving lemon orchards, which serve as inspiration for a standout color of this season - vivid, energetic yellow.

Sage Green
Ever heard of “desert-chic?” It was (and still is) an emerging decorating trend that has begun to spill over into the fashion world. While the usual summer greens are tropical and bright, sage green is muted. It’s reminiscent of desert foliage, which is captivating in its own right. 

Fashion is all about finding a new way to express yourself. Just because it’s “traditional” to break out the eye-catching colors for summer, that doesn’t mean we have to stick with it forever. Dusty rose, beige, lemon yellow, and sage green all have their place in nature - and now your wardrobe.