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Trending Sunglasses Styles

Shades for the season of sun.

By Sara Antonuccio

Never underestimate the power of stylish eyewear. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then sunglasses can be classified as the curtains. And you don’t want to decorate with drab curtains, do you? Eye protection involves more than just frames and dark lenses. Slip into the season of sun with these tips in mind to turn ordinary sunglasses into must-have accessories.

Cat-eye Retro - This style is never going to go away. Flattering elongated lines, a charming retro feel, and the undeniably feminine appeal make cat-eye frames an everlasting trend.

Round Frames - Another retro look, but now with a modern twist. Thin frames used to be the prevailing style for round sunglasses, but these days thick is in. Colorful frames and/or lenses are also rising in popularity.

Transparent Lenses - We’ve already established that eyes are the windows to the soul, so why hide them? Transparent lenses offer sun protection (some, at least) along with the added benefit of making you look smarter. Win/win!

Eyeglass Chains - Librarian chic is in. Wear whatever style glasses you want, as long as you add a chain! We’re not talking a boring chain, though. Beads, charms, and rose gold plating add interest and modernity to an otherwise outdated look.

Sporty Visor Style - Athleisure isn’t limited to sweatpants and sports tops. Add a touch of the athletic look to your casual attire with visor sunglasses. Don’t sweat it if you don’t play a sport - we won’t tell if you don’t.

Sunglasses are more than mere tools for eye protection. They’re essential accessories that can add to your outfit and enhance your overall image. Bet you can’t wait for the summer sun now!