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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

Gifts he’ll love…

By Andrea Spanik

Traditionally, we might think of Valentine’s Day as a more female oriented event. But hey, does that mean your guy doesn’t deserve a little something special to show him just how much you care? We say, absolutely he does! If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, use one of these ideas. Trust us, he’ll appreciate it.

Tech Gadgets

If there’s one category of gifts that tend to always work for men, it’s tech gadgets. Whether you know what he needs or not, figuring it out is usually pretty easy. Pay close attention to the gadgets he already uses. Have there been more recent versions released? If so, get the latest release for him. Most men love having the most recent tech gadgets in their collection. Also, if you pay close attention, you might even notice that he keeps talking about a particular tech gadget he’s really interested in. Keep your ears open, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll be making his day.

Man waiting for train with headphones and and phone


While most men aren’t exactly inclined to get excited about fashion or style, this actually works in your favor when searching for Valentine’s Day gifts. In particular, if you’ve been hoping to update you guy’s wardrobe with some on-trend pieces, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse. Whether it simply be a new sweater for the chilly months, or you go all out and get him a full outfit, he’ll appreciate not having to shop, and knowing you think he looks good.

Older man leaning against the wall wearing a nice gray sweater

A Book

Who said a Valentine’s gift had to be over-the-top? Keep it simple, and get him a new book. Even if he’s not usually a reader, think of his interests and see if there are any books on the topic. Perhaps he has a favorite hockey player who wrote an autobiography? Or maybe he loves to barbeque, and could use some new recipes from a cookbook? Think outside the box here.

Young man sitting on the couch reading a book

Workout Gear

If you have a particularly active significant other, why not get him some new gear to feed his healthy habit? If he runs, maybe he could use new shoes? If he loves basketball, perhaps a new basketball is in order? And hey, even something as simple as athletic clothing to wear during his sweaty workout session is always appreciated.

Young man working out and stretching in workout gear

A Watch

If you feel like splurging this year, we always love a trendy smart watch for Valentine’s Day. It’s something that he’ll get plenty of use out of, looks great, and it’s one of those gifts that he’ll remember for a lifetime.

Young man wearing an apple like looking watch

Whether you’re big on Valentine’s Day or not, showing your appreciation for the person you love is never a bad idea. Go big, or simply get him something small. Either way, he’ll be feeling the love.