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Wear the Trend: Grey Plaid Blazer

Dress up or dress down…

By Laura Leiva

Want something that makes a statement but also looks fabulous with the rest of the clothes in your closet? A grey plaid blazer is all you need for those days you want to look polished, casual and everything in between – here’s how to wear this trendy garment:

A pop of color – Pair a grey plaid blazer with a blouse or dress shirt in a vibrant color – red-orange, yellow and green are all gorgeous options! Want to be a bit more neutral? Navy blue is a great choice.

Jeans – Dress up a casual look or tone down a dressy top – a grey blazer does it all for you when it’s paired with denim jeans.

All-white – Men and women can rock a grey plaid blazer with anything in the closet – add a bit of neutral grey color to an all-white outfit by pairing it with a white top and pants.

Brighten things up – If you love to wear dark colors, a grey plaid blazer brightens things up without overpowering a look. Wear black or dark denim and a black top, then accent with a camel or light-colored belt and grey blazer to finish the look!

Tailored or casual – Choose a blazer that fits your aesthetic – whether you want it tailored for the perfect fit or prefer it loose and flowy!

There are so many ways to wear a grey plaid blazer – accessorize it, wear it with neutral garments, or add it to a casual or dressed-up outfit to get the most use out of it!

Young woman wearing a grey blazer and sunglasses