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Winter Coats for Men

Five must-have styles…

By Laura Leiva

It’s the time of year when weather outside is getting quite frightful – but it doesn’t mean that just because you need to wear a winter coat you’re stuck with some shapeless or boring style. Whether you need a coat for work, weekend errands or something stylish for a night out, here are five fashionable options to consider:

Wool-Blend Coat

Perfect for winter weather, a wool-blend coat is a quintessential option that looks good with dressy options or even over casual attire. Another appealing factor of a wool-blend coat is that it offers plenty of protection from wind and winter weather without adding a bulky layer to your daily attire – ideal for that commute.

Man wearing a wool blend coat with sweater and scarf

Pea Coat

For any men’s wardrobe, a classic pea coat is a must-have! Casual enough to wear during the weekend but dressy enough to wear with suits or evening attire, a pea coat offers a slim fit and comes in a variety of materials. Need something lightweight for late fall or early winter but also want it to last through the winter? A blend or wool pea coat fits the bill.

Young man wearing a tan pea coat and denim jeans

Military Coat

Edgy for the fashion-forward man, a military-style coat is a great option for casual days or weekend wear! The overall construction of a military jacket is also ideal for winter weather – it’s often made of a heavy-duty fabric blend and comes lined, which makes it nice and warm for all conditions. Military jackets also feature an array of accents, usually extra pockets or zippers!

Young trendy man wearing a camo bomber jacket with a tan hoodies underneath

Trench Coat

Don’t live in an area with snow? If you deal with wind or rain or just want a nicer coat to wear than a typical raincoat, a trench coat is a classic style. This style coat typically comes with adjustable cuffs and belt, making it a versatile fit for different body types. Trench coats also come with quality finishes, like warm liner and strong stitching which means it will last for years.

Young man wearing a tan trench coat while holding coffee

Hoodie Zip Front

When you want a winter coat that you can wear with your weekend or casual attire, a fleece or sweater style with zip-up front is a go-to option. It’s lightweight enough to be worn inside, but heavy enough to protect you from cold temperatures and wind! The fleece interior is also warm and comfortable.

Young man wearing a tan hoodie with a black jean jacket

There are plenty of men’s winter coats to choose from – next time you’re at the mall, pick up one or two styles to get you through the colder temps!