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Winter Hat Trends for Men

Stay warm and look stylish…

By Laura Leiva

It’s cold outside and without a hat, days feel even colder! Are you looking for a stylish winter hat to complement your wardrobe and keep you warm? We’ve got a few trend tips that will help you shop for the perfect winter hat next time you’re at the mall.

1. Soft and cozy, a beanie is the quintessential winter hat! Look for a style with a brim for more protection from wind.

2. Trapper hats are extra warm and even offer protection for your ears – perfect for those cold, windy days.

3. Baseball caps are casual and offer lightweight coverage on mild winter days. Want something a bit warmer? Look for a cap in cashmere or wool.

4. Russian-style or aviator hats offer face protection and snugly fit around the chin and ears for extra warmth during winter storms or when you’re out enjoying a day on the slopes.

5. A 3-n-1 weather-friendly beanie is a scarf, hat and face mask all in one – essential for those days you’re out in biting cold temps.

Are you planning to be out in cold winter weather? These winter hat trends will keep you warm until you reach your cozy destination.

Young man wearing an army green coat with a knit scarf, gloves and grey knitted beanie